As a sponsor of London 2019, your organisation will not only help support our committee’s efforts to provide a fantastic and smooth running tournament for Deaf football players, it will also offer your business a great opportunity to reach out to a new target audience.

We are offering a variety of sponsorship opportunities to suit everyone’s budget
so act quickly to give your company the greatest opportunity to make an impact on DCL London 2019’s attendees.

Have a browse at our packages below and click on “For More Details” next to the package for the benefits of sponsoring us. For a full video of all sponsorship packages explained, please see our video on our youtube channel: https://youtu.be/BWhdxu0S1Xc

If you are interested in sponsoring or have any questions, please get in touch with us at occharltondcl@gmail.com.


Diamond sponsor package

Recognition as a premium sponsor of the tournament.

Price: £5,000



gold sponsor package

Recognition as a Gold sponsor of the tournament.

Price: £3,000

(2 out of 2 packages available)


silver sponsor package

Recognition as a Silver sponsor of the tournament.

Price: £1,500

(3 out of 3 packages available)


BRONZE sponsor package

Recognition as a Bronze sponsor of the tournament.

Price: £750

(2 out of 4 packages available)


Match ball sponsor

Recognition as a Match Ball sponsor for the whole tournament.

Price: £1,500

(1 out of 1 package available)


group sponsor

As there will be four groups in the Men’s football tournament and there will be two groups in the Women’s football tournament before the knock-out stage, this is an opportunity to sponsor one of the groups.

Price: £300

(2 out of 5 packages available)


Player of the match sponsor

In each game, a player will receive a Man or Woman of the Match award so your company will get mentioned in every game.

Price: £1,500

(1 out of 1 package available)


Volunteers sponsor

We will have a large group of volunteers to help throughout the tournament. We would like to provide them with t-shirts to enable them to be recognised as volunteers.

Price: £1,500



Bottled water sponsor

This will help us provide vital bottled water for all the players and staff.

Price: £600



Players welcome pack

On the arrival of the players, we are looking at putting together a welcome pack. We think this is a great opportunity for any type of businesses to donate products or vouchers.


Goodwill & donations

If you are able to assist us with any other form of sponsorship with the provision of goods or services, such as transportation, training equipment, food, drinks, vouchers, and products etc we will be happy to discuss any opportunities with you.

If you wish to contribute money for the tournament, we will be happy to discuss this further with you. We will consider including your name in the programme.